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Zbignew Seifert - We'll Remember Zbiggy - 1974


Spring On The Farm (recorded Stuttgart, march 1976)
Rubato (recorded live Donaueschingen,October 1976)
Chromatic Blues (recorded in New York City, December 1978)

Laverne (recorded live at Jazzclub Ostertor, Bremen, April 1976)
Love In The Garden (recorded in NDR Workshop, Hamburg, March 1977)
Air Power (recorded live in Brussels, December 1977)
Zal (recorded in New York City, December 1976)
Mc Coy's Nightmare (recorded NDR, Hamburg, March 1974)

Musicians :

Zbignew Seiffert - violine
Philip Catherine - guitar
Richie Beirach - piano
Jan Hammer - drums

Joachim Kühn - piano.
Albert Mangelsdorf - trombones

Charlie Mariano - soprano saxophone.
& many others...

Recorded live and in studio between 1974 & 1978
Records compiled by Joachim-Ernst Berendt

Mood records

Passage S With Soledad Alma latina