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New release February 2019
Bex-Catherine-Romano "La Belle Vie"
(Sunset Records)
The legendary Trio of Philip Catherine with Emmanuel Bex (hammond) and Aldo Romano (drums) finally releases a new album .

In the fall of 2017 Philip Catherine celebrated his 75th birthday.
For this occasion Warner Music released a special 5-CD Box :
"Philip Catherine – Selected Works 1974-1982"

The long awaited re-release of his early vinyl records 'September Man' and 'Guitars', as well as the albums 'Babel' and 'End of August', completed with unedited solo recordings by Radio Bremen of 1979 and 1982.

Communiqué de presse Warner

Press release Warner Music

75th birthday concert live at Flagey
november, 3 2017

STREAM 2017 New release as cd

2018 release as cd & vinyl

You are listening to " December 26th" arranged by Frédéric Devreese